almost everything
you ever wanted to know

40 Lively Conversations about the Night Sky

Dr Copper and Sam discuss stars and constellations, planets and their moons, white dwarfs and supermassive black holes, relativity and the end of time.


Easy to read. Rich in surprising content.


Dr Copper invents simple analogies to explain the most complex things in astronomy, while Sam entertains us with intriguing astronomical quotations from Mark Twain, Shakespeare, Homer, Darwin, Cervantes, and many other poets and scientists.


A clear and entertaining introduction to star gazing and popular astronomy for the general reader.


Here is Dr Copper explaining the size and distance apart of two galaxies:


“Suppose we imagine the Milky Way galaxy as a fried egg, and the Andromeda galaxy as another fried egg. We put each on a plate and hand the plates to someone with long arms. If the arms are held out sideways, then the sizes and positions of the fried eggs give us a good picture of the sizes and distance apart of these two galaxies.”

Martin Probert: Almost Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Astronomy (2020)