of a
Swiss doctor & English poet

These ninety-eight Love Letters speak to us of love, of separation, of longing, of art and poetry, of people met and places visited, of nature, of medicine, cancer, deafness, psychotherapy, and of birth and death.


The Letters were written before the internet, before mass tourism, before hitch-hiking was soon to become a dangerous form of travel, before globalisation. It was difficult, unless one could unearth some helpful book in a local library or bookshop, to find anything out. Villages, and those who lived in them, seemed a world apart. Many houses were without a telephone. This then is the world in which the Letters were written.


Inevitably autobiographical, the Letters reveal much about the daily lives and aspirations of the young doctor and poet who write with such passion to one another.


Along the way are fascinating vignettes of people and places in Greece, London, Bristol, a Cornish village, Edinburgh, Bern, Vienna, Rome, and Paris.

Martin Probert & Veronika Bentz: Love Letters of a Swiss Doctor & English Poet (2020)